four types of customers

These four types of customers represent different levels of brand affinity:

1. Transactors: These customers have no loyalty to your brand. Although they may make purchases, they are unaware of or not swayed by your brand proposition and do not desire a relationship with your company.

2. Supporters: These customers are aware of your company and brand, and buy from you consciously. They support your company by purchasing regularly. However, they do not promote your brand and they may switch easily to other products.

3. Promoters: These customers frequently purchase your products or services and are very loyal. Their affinity is strong enough that they advocate for your company to their networks helping your company grow through word-of-mouth.

4. Co-creators: These customers are so engaged with the brand that they share in the value creation, and receive value back. They create and offer their own assets, knowledge and relationships in exchange for a share of the value generated—including revenue and profits.

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