the pleasure in hubris, its cause is the following: People think that by ill-treating others they make their own superiority the greater

hubris consists in doing and saying things that cause shame to the victim…simply for the pleasure of it.

hubris creates a perception of oneself as a giant and others as minions

acting out before others  can even say a word, and pointing something out  as if they are the ones who discovered it first

hubris brings tension, discomfort and restlessness to the environment

these people admire their own intellect and think themselves to be smarter than other people

such a person tends to believe that everything will fall apart if they are not present

hubristic people see themselves as highly  important, as if the whole world is turning only around them

hubristic people forget the ones who helped them and take whatever credit they can claim.

being wrong, making a mistake or being proven wrong are not things hubris people would enjoy

Source : wikipedia, inc, harunyahya and other

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