Executive Bully

Most executive bullies don’t even know that they are one. What about you?

You tend to label people who disagree with you as “naysayers,” “risk-averse,” “incompetent,” etc.

You fall in love with an idea, position or deal.

No one ever finds fault with your point of view.

There is little disagreement or debate within your leadership team.

When your team does debate an issue, there are clear “winners” and “losers.”

You deliver results but people don’t enjoy working for you.

You always believe you are the “smartest guy in the room.”

Your direct reports rarely tell you bad news.

You are taken by surprise when things go wrong.

You believe you are better at almost everything than anyone else on your team.

You blame others when things go wrong.

You rarely admit mistakes or apologize.

You are an expert at “gotcha” — catching others in an error.

source : http://thebuildnetwork.com/uncategorized/warning-signs-how-can-you-tell-if-you-are-a-corporate-bully/


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